Your Chamber in Action

When you join the Chamber you get some Incredible Tools

Marketing has Evolved.
But you already knew that...

In order to compete in this mobile, connected, instant informaiton, tuned-in world you need more than just an advantage, you need
An Unfair Advantage.

Your Prospects and Customers are looking to Engage Someone, will that be YOU or Your Competitor?

It's up to you.

To get your mind around this new technology watch the movie just below.
The future of your business depends upon your understanding of how marketing is changing.

Because of your Chamber Membership you'll get some Incredible Tools.

It's all about Helping the Small Business Owner 
Compete against the Big Box Stores.

Price Alert: Because of the Coronavirus, all products
from the appSAVE® family of companies
are FREE till further notice.


The big boys have the large budgets and staff to stay ahead of the game.
But we have something they don't, we have Numbers.


Because of your Chamber Membership you will have access to a toolset that will take your business to the next level.


You will also have access to your own V.P. of Marketing without the expense of an employee.

Your Chamber Membership

Gets your the Following...

A Free Listing in GooMAPS

Get More Customers

  • Remember Google Nearby? It worked fairly well but there was a Major Downside, so much so there was a Class Action lawsuit.
  • We have combined all the features of Google Maps, Google Nearby and Google Places into one system you need to see to believe.
  • Click on the Logo for more.
  • You can stay free as long as you like, but should you decide to start engaging those prospects and customers, first you get a 60-day Free Trial, then you get the special Chamber 15% Discount that remains in effect as long as you are a Chamber Member.
What is this all about?

Free Listing in TheBestofState

Quick Lookup

  • This system will be growing across the country and there are some rules as to who can be listed.
  • But because of your Chamber Membership you are included.
Quick Lookup

Your Prospects WILL be downloading the app

Why Will They?

  • Quite frankly, there are Too Many apps out there already. It's so bad in fact that Google says 
    So what on earth would make someone download another one?
  • Click the Graphic and you'll understand. It will make their Smart Phone a LOT SMARTER.
  • Of particular note is the fact that more than likely your marketing efforts have been lacking. It's time that you understood why,
  • But that's just the beginning.
Why will they be Downloading?

Are you compliant with Google's Rules of Engagement?

If your site is over 6 mos. old chances are you Aren't.

  • New technology eliminates the need to be tied to a webmaster. If you can opereate a Word Processor and do drag-n-drop on a computer, you can do your own website with the latest technology.
  • We have identified a Free System you really need to see.
  • You can do your website yourself, and we'll show you how. But if you want it done for you, we can build one for $75, and we'll even help you get your own hosting for a fraction of what you are probably paying. 
  • In fact, the site you are on right now is a Progressive Web App and was done with one of the Free Tools.
  • All the sites you see here were done with appVOLV.
The Evolutin of Apps

Video Sells

Grab Their Attention

  • If you aren't using Video Marketing in your business, there is a pretty good chance folks aren't spending much time on your website.
  • Note the Chamber introduction at the verey top. We will Give all new Chamber Members their own Power Introduction video as a part of the new member package.
  • Current members can also get one, just let us know.
  • We have 100's of ready made templates from which to choose.
     or  or   
  • You'll simply do a web conference with Dr. Rick Mayer of appSAVE® where you decide on a template, and once it's rendered it's yours.
  • So Why is Grabbing their attention important? TIME magazine did a study and they concluded that the Average attention span of a consumer today is less than that of a Goldfish. You Must Grab their attention or you are dead.

Even More

Tools & Systems

Your customers will LOVE your optional Customer Loyalty system. It's Exclusive and State-of-the-art.

Bring them back more often.

There's one more section you Must See.
We have an exceptional toolset that will do some incredible things for your business, and most of it is also FREE.

Check out These FREE Tools
A summary is just below.

Web Conferencing

In today's environment and moving forward, you MUST improve your marketing efficiency and cut down on travel.
How does FREE sound?

VOIP Phone Service

SLASH your phone costs with absolutly the Lowest Priced Service, along with an Impressive Features List..

Free Account

Improve your Marketing, start and Stay FREE with 10,000 Free Emails every month.

Text Message Marketing

This one is a Game Changer.
A new service that allows you go enter this Text Message Marketing world FREE. Forget those expensive Per Text priced companies.

Customer Relationship Management

Another FREE one...a way to stay in the loop and keep all your contacts, meetings, schedules, lists, etc. in One Place.
No other system beats this one.

Vid-Mail and Video Newslwtters

Probably one you haven't seen before but we can show you HOW to do this with your Free Tools and Systems to REALLY draw attention to your messages.


Check it Out

Stay Free

You can keep your GooMAPS Free Listing as
long as you are a Chamber Member with No
Other requirements.

It's time to start a True and Effective
BUY LOCAL campaign.

Stay Free

Your GooMAPS listing is yours as long as you want it.


Should you decide to start engaging those who find you, a special 15% Chamber Discount applies off any regular pricing.

NOTE: Special Coronavirus Pricing in effect.

Grace Period

Also, because of your Chamber Membership, even after pricing kicks in you still get a 60 Day Free Period.

Free System for your Organization

For Non-Profits, this ALWAYS remains Free.

Get your Announcements, Messages and Alerts delivered to them in Real Time, 100% of the time on Auto-Pilot.

We GIVE Schools, Churches, Cities, Golf Courses, HOA's, or any Non-Profit Organization a FREE system that will allow them to stay in touch with their folks and deliver timely alerts when they matter, when folks ae close to the facility, or wherever deemed appropriate.

The organization controls the message, timing, schedule content and area where it's delivered, all for FREE. 

In closing, If this Graphic
Appeals to you, Continue.

Best Regards, Dr. Mayer

Free Consultation
for Chamber Members

From Rick Mayer, PhD, Marketing

  • The big box stores all have their Ivory Towers, fully staffed with Marketing and Sales folks. Their budgets are massive and you simply cannot compete with them or their deep pockets.
  • Because of your Chamber Membership, Dr. Mayer is willing to consult with Any Chamber member, as many times as needed, free of charge.
  • It's like you will have a PhD of Marketing, on staff, to handle all the issues that arrise on a daily basis.
    • Business needs a boost? Let's talk.
    • Some online S.E.O. company promising the world? Let's talk.
    • There are some good S.E.O. companies and we know how to spot them.
    • Website not up to par? Same thing.
    • Your sales tactics not working? You got it, let's talk.
  • Note the very first screen that comes up on the site that links from this graphic. It's something you simply cannot afford to ignore, but we have you covered For FREE.
  • In addition, note the "Smarter video" section. That's another option.
Market SMARTER, not more expensively.

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