Some Free Ones
Here as Well.

Are you into offering Coupons?

What have you tried?
How much has it typically cost you?
Did it Work?

Usually the answer to those questions aren't that great and it's primarily a matter of R.O.I. You had to pay someone for the ability to Give away some of your profits!

Things have changed. There is a new kid on the block and it solves ALL the problems, beginning with the cost.
(Launched in Utah and Growing.)

Are you using Video in your Marketing?

The answer to that question is usually NO because it boils down to two factors:  Cost and Timing.

We have some great news. Because you are a Chamber Member we solve BOTH those for you. You get a FREE Power Introduction Video.
Your FREE one will come from one of the 'Power Intros' on the 'Media' link.

Here is something you may not know about or if you do, you haven't given it much consideration...but you BETTER!

Like it or not, you are currently at Serious Risk of being involved in a potentially expensive Law Suit.

In fact, it's not a matter of IF you will be sued, it's a matter When.
But again, because you belong to the Chamber we can get you a basic system for FREE. (Note the little blue emblem on each page of this site. It's covered.)

We have shown you a lot, but there is even more.

Here are some options to consider.

Our goal is to get you Marketing Smarter,
NOT more Expensively.

If you see something that interests you, get back to us.

Two shots, same scene. The one above is nice looking but nothing special. 
Click on Both and see what happens.
Note the Pause and Sound buttons in the lower right.
Use your mouse to drag and move around.
Move your mouse wheel in or out to Correct the 'fish eye' effect.

Unlimited Potential

This exciting technology can take your marketing effort to a Whole New Level.

Imagine embedding virtual moving graphics in your website like above.

Imagine being in the County Tour where folks look down, see your business, drop down to your front door and then go IN your business.

Imagine letting them REMOTELY browse to what they want, pick it out, click to pay and have it delivered.

Think this will give you an advantage over your competition?


It's a mindset.
It's a Way of Doing Business.
It's Marketing Smarter, NOT more expensively.

Below are more things for you to consider.

Want to make your Next Event Special?


Other COOL Free Stuff.


Help folks Find their Way.


FREE to Organizations.


Your Web Presence

Here is another important one.

Did you realize you can bring your website into the 21st Century, Comply with All the Google Rules of Engagement, and do it yourself without a webmaster...for FREE?

Technology to the rescue. This is Free, Open Source technology from Google, Intel and IBM that will not only make your online presence Much better, it will save you a LOT of Money. It's the Evolution of Apps.

We are about Two Things!

Attracting and Retaining More Customers

It's all about having a WOW Factor.
When done right, it's Marketing without Marketing.

The Art of

Direct Customer Engagement on the mobile device gives us an Incredible Opportunity to Market to customers without them even realizing they are being marketed to!

When you do it Right, it becomes a Partnership between you and the prospect. You guide them along, helping them when they most want help.
It's truly a Win/Win Partnership.

The Art of Marketing Without Marketing