We realize it's  tough.

"Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are Now Permanent."   Yelp 9/16/2020

It's Time to become Proactive.
We'll give you some Great Tools
for FREE.

There are No Strings attached because of our Tremendous Supporters.
(See at the bottom.)

Without any doubt, The World is Changing.

Are you Proactive or Reactive?


Is your site User Friendly?
Does it work on Any Device?
Does any page take longer than 2 seconds to load?
Is it ADA Compliant?


Is your Marketing Touchless?
Do you have ways folks can browse, engage and even buy without coming into your location?
Is it Seamless?

Proximity Marketing

Do you have systems that Reach Out to NEW customers, inviting them to engage with and shop with you, or do you have the typical barriers up forcing them search and struggle?


Do you understand the power of an effective Customer Loyalty System?
Do you have an automatic system that can reach out to them if it's been awhile and invite them back?

We'll give you a listing in UtahSAVE™ and a TouchlessConnect™ system.

Click the Blue links for what that means.

Our goal it to not only get you over the current situation but to have the tools and systems in place to GROW.
We do this by bringing you into the 21st Century. 

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  • Let us know if you need more information.

Our State SAVE sites now include Five States

Exclusive Technology

Word is spreading. The different StateSAVE sites are fast becoming buzz words. 
And wait till folks see the tours at GooVR™.

We give you a free listing in UtahSave.com and if you want, GooPON™ if you do coupons.

You also get your choice of:
A Free TouchlessConnect™ or ScanOfTheDay™ system. Just Contact us, let us know what you need and we'll create the links and graphics for you to print out and share. Because of your Chamber Membership, you pay no fees or set-up charges.

A Third Option you have is our exclusive Gift Card system for free or a 40% discount off our exclusive TouchlessLoyalty™ system with all set-up fees waived. If you don't understand the power of a properly implemented loyalty system you just might want to get the facts, and having a Gift Card system is simply like Finding Money.


Some Hints for your business

Our Partnership with Google benefits you.

There are some things you Must Do Now, and you don't need to pay anyone to do this.


Like it or not, the World is going Touchless. We are bringing you the tools and systems to affordably cope. 

Business owners can claim their UtahSAVE™ (or other states) listing which puts them in the look-ups and Chamber Members also can claim either a TouchlessConnect™, ScanOfTheDay™ system, an automated Gift Card system or a discount off TouchlessLoyalty™.

The beauty of our systems is they work with any connected device, no apps to download or install. They also work on both the Wireless or Cellular network, unlike other systems that require WiFi with a strong internet connection.

How can we give so much away? Because of our Supporters.

You have a choice.

Your Prospects and Customers are already looking for businesses to engage and you have a choice.

Just look around, they are on their SMART PHONES right now.
They are engaging someone and that someone ISN'T YOU.

Now, you no longer send them away, YOU engage them.

Your Other Option.

When you choose this option we give you a 40% discount because of your Chamber membership.
This also comes with an optional Gift Card system where you can sell gift cards off your website? You can also choose just the Gift Card system as your free Chamber benefit. Folks, this is like Finding Money.

As you will see on this link, there is simply Very Little you can do in your business that will have a more profound, positive impact on your bottom line than a properly implemented Loyalty Program.

So far you've seen a lot, but Not All.
You get MORE.